Top 4 Lies About Nutrition That You Actually Believe In – Health and Beauty Makeup (“do your own study”)

The real info about healthy nutrition,lies that are all around us,and the best detox food for our natural beauty.


“Saturated fats are bad for your heart”

Research: In fact, there could be further from the truth. A study made together with another 21 studies of more than 350,000 people, of whom 11,000 had heart disease, which took place almost 14 years. Conclusion? There is no correlation between eating saturated fat and heart disease.


“Carbohydrates make fat”

But do you actually have to feel bad and to worry about the effect of carbohydrates on your waist? If you like to destroy yourself with maple syrup, reduce weight with pancakes or Twix snack throughout the day. Yes, it is more likely that you will hook-up your fat.


“Fruit juice is healthy”

Research by the University of California shows that increased consumption of fructose can increase your body fat, but also can have many negative effects on your body. To achieve this level of fructose requires many fruits. But fruit juice that you drink can cause you many negative health consequences. So stick to water, tea or black coffee (in moderate quantities the last one of course).


“Foods with low fat are really healthy”

What is a food with “low fat”? They just removed the fat from the food, right? In the words of English nutritionist, Ben Coomber when you hear a “low fat”, make sure you have lots of chemical stuff in the product. That’s because when they remove the “fat” (or sugar in some cases) the product is filled with chemicals. Most of them are harmful to the body, and the biggest culprit is aspartame. So maybe it is better for your waist and your health to choose the option with full fat.



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