Omutima Project

Omutima is one word meaning both heart and soul in Chiga, the language of Southwest Uganda. It is here that I met a lovely woman, Lilian, who introduced me to the children at Rumbugu Primary School. Needless to say these children stole my heart. The first thing I noticed was that almost all of them had no shoes on. Most of these children have never worn or owned a pair of shoes AND most of them walk up to 4 miles each way to and from school! As you can imagine, their feet are in rough condition! I am currently living and teaching in Rwanda and have contributed to and volunteered my time at many projects and charities. I have also seen much of the money donated from charitable hearts (like you!) go more towards the running of NGO’s and Projects then actually getting to the people that need the help! This is where Lilian and I come in. We want to cut out the middle man and make the connection directly from you to the child in need! We promise that 100% of your donation (minus any paypal fees, if applicable) will go directly to the children you sponsor! Lilian and I are passionate about not only helping these children but creating a connection between you and the children! Our goal is to provide the means for the children to write to you (snail mail and email), as well as Skype and FaceTime. This way you will actually see your donation in action! I guarantee you your heart will grow and your mind will open through this experience! If you are a parent (or teacher) this is a great opportunity to teach your children about other cultures, helping those in need and how at the core we are all the same! Take a look through the profiles from the children in P2 at Rumbugu Primary School here and I am confident you will immediately fall in love like I did! Then you can decide how much you are willing to sponsor. 
$8 – Your child will receive a new pair of shoes!
$10 – Your child will receive shoes and school supplies!
$25 – Your child will receive shoes, supplies & school uniform!
Feel free to sponsor more than one child or give the sponsorship as a gift!  We will send out sponsorship acknowledgement certificates via email with your child’s photo. Starting in February (when the students return from their break) we will begin communication between you and your child. This is all so exciting and I want everyone to be a part of this new grassroots project Lilian and I have started … caution … the enthusiasm and love is contagious!!!
Rumbugu P2 Children Available to Sponsor

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