Here’s How Artificial Intelligence Is Going to Replace Middle Class Jobs — Fortune

While transportation, hospitality, and financial services are all industries being disrupted by technology, the next big area poised for massive, tech-driven change may be the human workforce. “We are going to move from people to things,” explained Jane Fraser, CEO of Citigroup’s Latin America business, speaking Monday at Fortune‘s Most Powerful Women Summit in Laguna… via … Continue reading

Drinking Coffee Could Reduce Your Risk for Dementia — Fortune

Caffeine intake may be linked with a lower risk for dementia in older women. That’s according to a new analysis by a team of researchers published in the Journals of Gerontology, which tracked nearly 6,500 women ages 65-80 over the course of 10 years. Researchers found that participants who self-reported drinking more than 261 milligrams… via … Continue reading

in less developed countries, the environment is among the last concerns of the people: survival comes first

When 97% of the established scientific community believes that climate change is a serious environmental issue, yet a poll conducted by the Pew Research Center reveals that only 46% of Americans and 54% of international citizens believe similarly, we clearly have a pretty serious problem. via the earth has music for those who listen — Small … Continue reading

Why some Iron Age women chose exotic jewellery

The brooch in question is fairly typical of jewellery from southern Norway during the Iron Age: A series of faces surround a rectangular plate, while animal figures dominate the centre section. But a raised spiral decoration on the surface of the brooch is most certainly not Norwegian. Sourced through from: See on … Continue reading

New Research Suggests Humans Drove Hobbits to Extinction

Homo floresiensis, aka the ‘Hobbit’ people, were first discovered on the island of Flores in Indonesia and ever since researchers have wondered how they were able to co-exist with early humans when no other group had. The answer? They didn’t. New excavations and dating have concluded that the Hobbit people died away 50,000 years ago, … Continue reading